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Cummins Engines

Cummins Inc. is one of the largest producers of diesel engines. We, as officially Cummins dealer, are continuously informed of the latest developments and specific know-how. This makes a Cummins Engine stands for quality and reliability.

Cummins generator sets

We supply and manufacture generator sets for inland- and seagoing vessels, dredging, offshore, workboats, mega yachts, computer centers, emergency power and industry applications. From 50 to 2000 kWe kWe. Based on your wishes a custom build generator can be made. You can also use some generator sets for bow thruster and cargo pump applications. We supply our sets with certificate of LR, BV, DNV-GL. Do you want to know how your generatorset is manufactured? You are always welcome!


Cummins parts

We use and provide "genuine" Cummins parts. Often enough is what you don't see, that what makes the difference. Engine parts have to be correct according to specifications that cannot be observed with the human eye. Precision design, the latest production techniques and rigorous testing ensure that Original Cummins parts meet the Cummins factory-specific requirements of efficiency, reliability and durability.

Cummins parts

Soundproof enclosures

In the maritime sector is a lot of noise produced by, engines, generators, compressors and pumps. To meet the legal requirements and applicable standards is a sound-insulating casing the solution in which possibilities in the field of accessibility, fire resistance, ventilation, temperature and gas density. By the many possibilities in insulation, absorption and finish is for almost every problem a solution; both existing and new construction situations.

We have a large stock of new and reconditioned engines,  generators and generator sets. Go to our inventory page to see our stock.