We provide service and quality by skilled mechanics

Maintenance and overhaul

Through our unique location we are in possession of a private mooring facility and a quay of 200 mtr. In the workshop, we have a large and well stocked warehouse. Outside the supply and installation of Cummins products, we can also brand independent custom made generator sets deliver, build and maintain. You can contact us for maintenance, new construction and revision


We take great care in advising our customers. We would like to base our opinion on facts. By advanced equipment, knowledge and experience, we are able to offer a reliable report of your product. We think it is important that you know where you stand! The data from this report can also are essential in applying for a (re) financing, sale or purchase of your ship.


Innovation and quality are the strengths of Marine Power Drechtsteden. Our team of specialists is constantly trained and re-trained. The production and service team is so composed that every product and service custom (build)  can be offered. Our activities comply with the requirements of LR, BV and DNV-GL. are you curious about the latest techniques and how a generator set is manufactured? Come along!

Continuity guaranteed

Continuity guaranteed means for you:

  • Interim maintenance by trained mechanics
  • Original Cummins parts
  • Navigate without worry
  • Longer service life of your engine
  • High operational reliability
  • Complete maintenance history
  • Fast 24 hour service

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Online monitoring

Thanks to today's "Internet of Things" technology we have modernized our services significantly Do you want to optimize the employability of your ship while reducing the costs? MPD fleet manager makes that possible. Through our collaboration with Konnexus © we can translate the data from your ship to usable information.

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